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xof5006 December 18, 2012 22:51

2D Nozzle vapor simulation
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Ok, I know this is gonna take a while for me to explain the problem but please bear with me since this is probably a really simple case for you guys :)

Anyway, I just started doing this 2d simulation about a vapor flow from the source boat through the nozzle to the outer space and eventually reaching the substrate.

What I did was creating the rough sketch for the problem described above. As attached, you can see that this is a quite simple geometry. And I also meshed it using the meshing tool Ansys provided. I know it's not the best meshing tool available but I think it's quite enough for now.

I did some research into other's simulation that is similar to mine and found out a few and I also posted their results(which I'm not sure if it is allowed) just to justify

But when I try to execute my setup, it seems nothing like the ones that I found online. I guess there must be something seriously wrong with what I've done and since I'm new to this I have no idea where to start to amend the problems. :confused:

I wonder if my problem is caused by initial sketch for the problem, the meshing , or my setup parameters? (My best guess is the meshing part since I have no idea what am I doing there) I can provide more details if you found my description still too vague to follow. Thank you in advance;)

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