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ryanmoser December 30, 2012 04:29

poor calculation with temparture-dependant specific heat
I am trying to simulate the melting process with the method of effective heat capacity, which requires FLUENT to solve energy equations with changing specific heat. I wrote a udf to specify the specific heat. However, it doesn't help. Temperature rising rate is far beyond what it should be.
Then I tried to work with the constant specific heat, and the result was more acceptable, but not precise enough.
Could anyone tell me what should I be aware of to improve the iteration stability and precision with temperature-dependent property?
Thank you so much!

Far December 30, 2012 06:59

I guess it the problem of core flow physics available in Fluent rather than the specific heat.

beer January 2, 2013 09:43

Did you consider setting the enthalpy, too? This was a problem in my first simulations with temperature-dependent Cp.

msaeedsadeghi January 3, 2013 02:32

Yes, You should also decrease energy URF.

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