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Gimlas January 5, 2013 08:28

Problems w 2d mesh conversion for Fluent
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Dear colleagues,

Recently I have encountered a very annoying problem with Fluent (Ansys Workbench 13). I would like to run a 2D simulation of an airfoil. I am doing everything according to the instructions and tutorials but still mesher is unable to convert the generated mesh into Fluent format (even by file export). I'll describe the whole procedure:

1) I am creating a DesignModeler block and in the properties I am setting the analysis type for 2D.
2) I have two coordinate files with set of points from which I can create the upper and lower parts of an airfoil as 3D curves.
3) I am creating surface from edges.
4) I create the sketch of the farfield and transform it into a surface.
5) Using the boolean options in order to subtract the the airfoil surface from the farfield surface.
6) Finally I supress the line bodies and change the surface body type for fluid.

All geometry is created in the XY plane.

7) I am creating a mesh block and generate any mesh (it is not important in that case, at least I think so...)
8) When I move to the project window, connect the mesh block with the Fluent block and click update on mesh the following errors appear:
The mesh file exporter failed during translation. Please send your data to your support provider.

What am I doing wrong?

I am attaching the geometry file and coordinate files.

Gimlas May 9, 2013 04:18

Ok, I have found the solution for this problem. It was the issue of lack of available disk space or RAM memory. After saving the project on another disk and restarting computer everything was ok.

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