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raditz January 6, 2013 06:02

Ansys + Fluent 2-way FSI coupling
Dear All

I am currently carrying out 2-way FSI coupling using ANSYS(14.5)+Fluent.

My test problem is a thin solid membrane located between 2 fluids.

I am stuck at the setup of the problem where I have to input the appropriate Dynamic Mesh settings with respect to smoothing and remeshing.

The outputs are one of the following
1)Check Mesh

2)Analysis settings are not valid

3)Not all participants and system coupling system have same analysis type.

I think the problem is either with the analysis settings with respect to time stepping or Dynamic Mesh Parameters or the Solver.

Any inputs and queries are welcome.

stumpy February 13, 2013 16:47

3) means that a static structural is connected to a transient Fluent, or visa-versa. Both need to be static/steady-state or both transient.

raditz February 14, 2013 15:37

Thanks a lot for the input.I changed the solvers.

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