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yuhehuan January 7, 2013 03:36

ask for help about the reversed flow
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Hi, everyone! I useds Fluent to simulate the airflow in a small domain and the inlet boundary is velocity inlet (0.25m/s), ouflow as the outlet bondary. In the iteration, there are no reversed flow, but at the 12th iteration, reversed flow occured and solution is converged at the 97th step. I am not sure if the soulution can be reliable because of the reversed flow. The inlet is revised from a triangle (0.007m*0.007m*0.007m). I am not sure the reason of the reversed flow. Dose somebody expain my question? Thank you so so much!


yuhehuan January 7, 2013 03:38

Inlet is the green surface at the bottom, outlets are the red surfaces at the side.

yuhehuan January 9, 2013 02:28

Does anybody knows? please, many thaks!

Yanlong Li January 9, 2013 06:30

First of all, I think the color of Inlet face is blue, are Blue Green Color Blindness ?

Secondary, The reversed flow is Ok, it is just used to converge.

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