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taekyu8 January 7, 2013 16:18

Fluent batch command for unsteady

Where can I find the command for the batch script? I have worked Fluent with my PC in GUI mode, thus, I am not familiar with the linux using batch mode.

I tried to find manual for the command, however, I just can find simple example for the batch file. I am not familiar with strange symbols in the command such as, "<",">" , #PBS. I just using the example file to make run my file.

I can run the steady case with batch mode.
but unsteady case is not working
What I changed from the batch file is

solve/iterate to solve/dti

It does not work. I tried the case file that worked in GUI mode.

especially, I want to use non-iterative time advancement
However, I do not even know the command for this option.
Please help me to learn and understand batch script.

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