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vasava January 9, 2013 06:40

Conjugate Heat Transfer Problem
I am simulating hot air flowing over a steel plate in Fluent. The geometry is 2D consisting of two layers one for air (with inlet, outlet) and other is steel plate. The incoming air is at 100 C and it is suppose to heat the steel plate.

I have created geometry and mesh (with interfaces for heat exchange). However I do not see any heat transferred from air to the steel plate.

If I am trying to heat a plate with hot air, it is forced convection. Am I right.

Any comments of suggestions for fluent simulations.

msaeedsadeghi January 10, 2013 02:46

Conjugate heat transfer settings will be setted by default. So I think there is a problem with your mesh and interfaces.

vasava January 10, 2013 03:28

Thank you Saeed

I have made sure that the interface is set correctly. I tried with the interface which is set 'by default' by Ansys Mesh and manually. Nothing seem to work.

For the domain (2D) of dimension 1000 mm x 25 mm, I have 100000 quadrilateral elements.

Right now I doubt if a steel plate can be heated by hot air to 120 C (by natural convection). To do this it could take a long time.

Again correct me if I am wrong.

vasava January 11, 2013 02:52

Everything is ok now. I could solve the issue with use of turbulence model and one refinement of mesh.

Thank you Saeed for your reply.

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