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linusayl January 9, 2013 08:24

Fluent Acoustics Model.

I'm required to perform acoustic analysis in Fluent but it showed "acoustics model is unavailable in this model settings, refer to user's guide".

From what I had read, a pop-up should show after clicking "Model>Acoustics>Edit".

Anyone who can help? Thanks.

msaeedsadeghi January 10, 2013 02:48

It may be needed to enable compressible flow (density based).

linusayl January 10, 2013 03:45

Sorry but how do i enable that?

furqanrk May 31, 2017 14:19

Acoustic model in FLUENT
HI everyone ,

I am implementing Acoustic model in FLUENT. Geometry is 2D. By using FW-H model, I am facing difficultly to understand these things. ( I have already read FLUENT manuals and one tutorial )

1) It is very important and necessary to define accurately Source Correlation Length in 2D geometry. I do not know this parameter. how to calculate it. my geometry is very simple, just a rectangular to 10*20 mm.

2) What should be the source zone and type ? In 2d-cylindrical tutorial, I read it is a cylindrical wall. My geometry have 0.5 mm inlet a bottom. Is it the source zone and type will be Velocity INLET ?

3) Where will be the receivers position ? I have to monitor the the time history when gas passes through from INLET ? I read one paper there was one monitoring point which is away form the inlet.. I could not understand.

4) What is FW-H integral surface ? I think, the under investigation portion has very fine mesh. this is called FW-H integral surface. But I am not sure about it..

Any type of advise, guideline or tutorial will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance..

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