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DoubleG January 9, 2013 09:43

Moving equipment in large model
Hi all,

I need to model mixing a large tank (a cylinder of r=20m and h=6m) with three or four mixers of two types (d=6m slowly rotating rotors and d=0.5m fast rotating impellers). the axis of the mixers horizontal (while the axis of the tank is vertical).

For this problem I need to model free surface flow, transient effects (homogenization), temperature effects (so the energy equation), non-newtonian behaviour and turbulence effects. I think this makes it a rather complicated problem.

In order to reduce the problem, I'm thinking of an alternative for MRF approach as follows:

First model the impellers in an infinite domain
Draw a cylinder around the impeller and obtain the solution for the velocity at the cylinder surface.
Draw an equal same cylinder in the tank around the impeller
Enforce the velocity profile obtained from the impeller on the surface of this cylinder using UDF's.

What do you think of this solution, or do others have experience with this idea? I am still a beginner in Fluent so before I spend time in working out the idea I want to have some advise on the feasibility.

Thanks in advance,
Gerrald Gelderblom

PS. If somebody has other tips and tricks for tackling such a problem, you are very welcome!

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