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MapleGuy January 9, 2013 13:22

About layering in dynamic mesh
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Hi, I'm solving a gas-solid problem using Fluent. If you can see the attached graphic, the boundary 0-0 is movable, but the faces on this boundary, that is, ab, bc, cd, etc, have different displacement in each time step. In this case, can I use layering as the method of re-mesh? If yes, which macro should I use to define the movement of the faces, DEFINE_CG_MOTION, DEFINE_GRID_MOTION or DEFINE_GEOM?

MapleGuy January 9, 2013 13:24

Is there any body can help me? Thank you all in advanced.

MapleGuy January 11, 2013 17:17

I tried it myself. The answer is yes, but the qualify is not satisfying. The cell layer will merge or split when any node on this layer meet the requirement we set.

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