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Markat January 11, 2013 17:49

Creating Registers on Fluent
In my CFD simulation I only have a fluid zone. I would like to patch an initial temperatur (500K) on a boundary set as wall(named as wall_part). Should I use registers? How could i create registers for a wall?

Yanlong Li January 12, 2013 01:48

You can just set the boundary condition of the wall as 500K.

Markat January 12, 2013 09:30

If I do so the temperature will constantly be 500K! I would like to have an initial temperatur of 500K to compute heat loses (transient problem).

Yanlong Li January 13, 2013 06:14

You should use UDF to define the heat loss.

Markat January 13, 2013 13:35

My problem is not the definition of heat loss. My problem is the definiton of registers in order to be able to define an initial temperature...

Yanlong Li January 14, 2013 04:36

I am sorry, :p

Marion January 14, 2013 05:56


Why do you need registers (I've never used them)? Isn't it possible for you to initialize at 500K in the initialize panel?


Markat January 14, 2013 15:11

Hallo Yanlong Li,
you don't have to excuse:p! Thank you for trying to help!:)

Hi Marion,
thank you for your reply. I could initialize the solution, but what if I want to patch an initial temperature? Patching can only be defined in zones and registers (but no walls)...

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