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THC January 14, 2013 04:35

Porous Jump for 2D Modeling
Dear all, I need some helps in creating a porous jump for a 2D model using FLUENT (ANSYS 14).

The model contains two faces: The upper face and bottom face (two rectangles) connected by a membrane (the membrane is an edge). I’m trying to simulate a flow through the membrane. I’m supposed to put the boundary condition of the membrane edge as porous jump. However, in FLUENT, the option “porous jump” is not available for this membrane edge. “Porous Jump” option is only available for the upper and bottom face. Based on my understanding, porous jump should be attached to edge and not to face. Am I wrong?

[Btw, I got an error message when trying to mesh the geometry: “PlugIn Error: No valid bodies found for 2D Analysis in part Part”, but I still manage to mesh it. Not sure if this is the problem?]

Another option is to create the membrane as a face with a certain thickness (say 1mm). But won’t this be a conflict with the input “Porous Medium Thickness” in the Dialog Box if these two values were different?

Thanks in advance!

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