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TMorgado January 15, 2013 11:12

How can I place the slab inside the furnace?
I want to simulate a transient heat transfer of metal slab inside a re-heating furnace, but I want to do this starting from a converged steady-state simulation of an empty furnace.
How can I place the slab ( a solid cell zone ) inside the empty furnace (a fluid cell zone domain) after finishing the converged steady-state simulation?

Thanks in advance

cfd seeker January 15, 2013 13:56

You will place that slab in the cad or meshing software and then regenerate the mesh with slab inside the furnace but in fluent i guess you can't use the results of only furnace as the initial conditions for furnace+slab case.

But one other thing you can do....generate the mesh of furnace+slab case and first set the slab as "adiabatic wall" the default option in fluent and get the results. Then set the slab as "convective wall" and use the results of "adiabatic wall" as the initial conditions.

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