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cfd fluent simulation of heatpipe
hi i am unable to simulate the heat pipe in fluent which has two phase flow is it required to give pressure outlet also for multi phase i am unable to use the porous zone too

RodriguezFatz January 24, 2013 04:47

So what exactly is your question?

msaeedsadeghi January 24, 2013 07:56

There is no need of using multiphase in heatpipe modeling ;)

mecman July 23, 2013 17:48

hi all
i want simulate heat pipe with fluent,any body know how simulate this case in fluent?i know i must use VOF model for this,but i cant simulate boiling in pipe...
pls help regard

mari009 October 17, 2013 02:56

multiphase flow -superheated steam
Hii Everyone...
I am using multi-phase mixture model.. my fluid are superheated steam(as a primary phase) and water-liquid (as a secondary phase). The problem was property of steam(enthalpy) wat i need supposed to get is not getting

(for e.g) In my boundry condition enthalpy value of a steam from a steam table is h=3000kj/kg but wat i am getting from cfd results is nearly h=1200kj/kg...
how to fix the problem ...

k.vedprakash April 28, 2015 05:43

Heat Pipe Simulation in Fluent
Hello guys,

i am trying to design a heat pipe in ansys fluent.
temperatures at evaporator and condensor are 50degree and 25 degree respectively.
liquid fillinf ratio is 70%.

so here are the conditions i gave in my simulation.
i chose double precision, transient pressure based solver.

model- multiphase-volume of fluid with energy equation on.

In phase interaction - mass - number of transfer mechanisms - 1
Evaporation-condensation with both 0.1 frequency
and saturation temperature of 320K.
Surface tension of 0.072 n\m with wall Adhesion.

Boundary Conditions - Evaporator as Pressure inlet
Guage pressure: 0
Initial Guage Pressure: 0
Temp: 350K

Condensor as Pressure outlet
Guage pressure: 0
Back flow temperature: 0

Adiabatic as Wall
No slip wall
contact Angle: 70

I am not getting any proper result with these conditions. Rest all are kept default values.

Please Anyone of you guys are familiar with the design, it would be great if you could help me

majid2015 November 7, 2015 15:07


Originally Posted by msaeedsadeghi (Post 403757)
There is no need of using multiphase in heatpipe modeling ;)

hello msaeedsadeghi
i am simulating heat pipe with one phase, i have problem in simulating porous wick,the capillary driven flow, can you help?
best regards

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