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taekyu8 January 28, 2013 12:05

Pressure based and Density based Solver

I have run transient gas expansion problem. Initially I opened a cap of pressurized vessel.

When I ran with 7 MPa pressure. pressure-based solver does not work, only density-based solver works

However, when I lowered the pressure to 0.5 MPa, pressure-based solver also works.

I know the the pressure-based approach was developed for low-speed incompressible flows, while the density-based approach was mainly used for high-speed compressible flows. However, recently both methods have been extended and reformulated to solve and operate for a wide range of flow conditions beyond their traditional or original intent.

Both 7 MPa case and 0.5 MPa case have chocked flow at the opening. Therefore, I thought if the 0.5 MPa case works with pressure-based solver, the 7 MPa case should works too.

Does anyone explain what cause this problem?


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