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adsl17754 January 30, 2013 00:37

A Question About Setting Whole Velocity Field Using "Proflie" in FLUENT
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Hi all,

I plan to simulate a multiphase problem by FLUENT13.0, in order to validate the CLSVOF (VOF coupled with Level Set) method in it.
As it is a case for validation, the velocity field is already known, so I wanted to set whole velocity field as known by "profile", just letting FLUENT to capture the interface. The problem was FLUENT read the profile successfully, but velocity field changed after initialization... I have been stuck by that for a long time...
I wonder if "profile" is only available for "inlet" type boundary conditions, i.e I can set velocity or pressure inlet by profile, but not the whole calculation domain (default interior), am I right? Thanks in advance~

Regards adsl17754

Sherlock_1812 July 9, 2014 03:26


Were you able to set the internal velocity field to profile? Did you overcome this issue?

adsl17754 July 9, 2014 11:58

Hi Srivaths,

I later solved this problem in a tricky way:

1. Use Custom Field Function to specify the desired velocity distribution.

2. Patch the custom field function to the domain as the initial condition.

3. Disable 'flow' equation in solution control panel, so that FLUENT won't solve the governing equation for flow.

By using this method, the velocity distribution can remain the same as the initial settings. However, this method won't help if the desired velocity distribution varies with time.


Sherlock_1812 July 9, 2014 14:47

Thank you for your reply!
I needn't solve the flow in my case, so I guess it should work.

The initial velocity field in my case is discrete data in a file format. Can custom field function support that?

adsl17754 July 10, 2014 07:42

Hi Srivaths,

As far as I'm concerned, Custom Field Function only supports function types of input, sorry that I have no idea about how to handle discrete data directly.


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