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amitbdt143 January 30, 2013 01:23

simuilation Combustion in IC engine
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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to simulate the IC engine combustion by using ANSYS 14.I'm able to compile the UDF's and hooked it but after running the 0.25 crank angle it is giving following error,

999999 (..\src\mpsystem.c@1173): mpt_read: failed: errno = 10054

999999: mpt_read: error: read failed trying to read 8 bytes: No such file or directory.
I have attached the screen short and also the UDF's please check and try to heip me to solve this error.Attachment 18620Attachment 18620

Attachment 18621

Attachment 18622

Attachment 18623

Upendra March 28, 2013 04:12

Hi amit,

i am also simulating same problem as u have done related to 2d simulation of SI engine combustion and have to use the same 3 UDFs. I am not
able to load these files from "compiled UDFs" panel and hence not able to hook the functions defined. Can you provide me any suggestion from your experience. It would be useful to me in my project.

amitbdt143 March 29, 2013 08:49

Hi Upendra

what is the error you r getting while hooking the UDF's

Amit Kumar

Upendra March 29, 2013 16:00

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I have attached image of screen showing error. I searched on this forum and came to know that it was occurring because fluent could not be linked to C compiler. So i installed microsoft visual studio and defined required environment variables. Thank god...i was able to rectify the error .UDFs were built and loaded.

were u able to run your tutorial fine? Did it produce physical results? In my case
i was able to run the tutorial as per given instructions...but did not get physical results. At spark time flame front is formed but is not sustained. Because of that i did not observe much rise in avg. pressure during seemed as if air was only compressed not burned.

amitbdt143 March 30, 2013 00:39

Dear Upendra,
Then now you are able to hook and run the combustion simulation right. And regarding me I have initially worked on 2D combustion and now moving on with 3D but still not succeed to establishes the required results. Please can I Know on what type fuel are you working.

Amit Kumar

Upendra March 30, 2013 16:26

i have to work on methane. But i think my combustion is not happening right. As i mentioned ..flame only initiates at spark timing ..and extinguishes after few cranks only...i don't know what could be the reason...i have attached the tutorial file i am referring to for simulation.
Did u face any similar problem ?

amitbdt143 April 1, 2013 07:20

Dear Upendra,
I couldn't get the attached files You have sent.

Upendra April 1, 2013 13:13

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your responses. Well, i was able to run the tutorial fine with combustion. my previous problem has been sorted out.
Now i have another problem with the mesh that i myself created. The mesh is ok and has no problem. When i set up the case (as per instructions in tutorial manual) and ran it on fluent..after few iterations it shows following error.

FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION)
1. Note exact events leading to error.
2. Save cas/data under new name.
3. Exit programme and restart to continue.
4. Report error to your distributor.
Error object

Did u face such problem with your own mesh.?

I am using the same three UDFs for initialization, laminar flame speed and work. I found somewhere that it could be because of UDFs.
Do u have any suggestions?
link for tut file:

amitbdt143 April 2, 2013 00:17

Hi Upendra,
I'm not able to access your drop box link, so i have not downloaded your tutorial file.And regarding the error, i have also faced the same problem, but it can be sort out by changing the cell ID number of piston from tutorial zone ID number to your case file zone ID number.

Amit Kumar.

gullu October 15, 2013 11:19

can you send me any modeling tutorial............please

naveenkumar10792 November 24, 2014 06:59

In my M.Tech project I am trying to simulate an ic engine . . . can anyone help me how to start . . .

and also i need the required tutorial files . . .

can any one send those files please . . .

naveenkumar10792 November 24, 2014 06:59

In my M.Tech project I am trying to simulate an ic engine . . . can anyone help me how to start . . .

and also i need the required tutorial files . . .

can any one send those files please . . .

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