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C.C January 30, 2013 09:40

Log-law modification
Please... Anyone know if the log-law expression (standard k-e turbulence model) for the fully turbulent flow can be divided into three regions in a UDF?
For example, if y+ is between 30 and 320 the expression for u+ is the standard log-law, if y+ is between 320 and 500 the slope is different and the rugosity parameter is also different, and if y+ is higher than 500 there is another slope and rugosity parameter.

I was thinking that when I write an UDF with three differnt regions for the fully turbulent "part", the modifications on the wall law interpreted by Fluent just consider the first part of the wall law modification (the expression for the y+ is between 30 and 320).

Anyone knows where I can find more information about this question. In Fluent manuals the information that I find don't addresses this point...

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