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akash February 4, 2013 04:39

How to set the interface in Fluent?
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I'm solving a multiphase problem involving an air bubble in water. I have prepared the mesh in Gambit. Practically there should be only one interface between the two phases. But on reading the previous posts I came to know that we have to create two edges very close to each other and set them as Interface BC in Gambit. And then in Fluent I created a mesh interface (two walls were created by Fluent) by selecting the outer and inner edges as interface zone 1 and 2. Then it passed the grid check.

After initializing the problem and patching the zones for volume fraction (I'm using VOF method) I solved the problem. There was no problem until here.

The problem is that the solution I'm getting is wrong. Because the air bubble initially of different shape (tried with nearly elliptical shape and square shape) should try to attain circular shape which is more stable state. After each iteration the x-velocity and y-velocity are zero, which shouldn't be.

I have attached the images of the grid and the solutions.

I guess I'm missing some step somewhere, please let me know where I'm going wrong. :(

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