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DavinciiG February 4, 2013 06:51

non-axisymmetric Fan boundary condition
Hello Forum, today i would like to ask your expert opinions and advice over a simulation.
I would like to simulate a propeller flow at incidence using the fan boundary condition in Fluent ( also the physical problem can be compared to a rotor in forward flight). I already performed different simulations first with a constant DP and also imputing a polynomial distribution for the DP, tangential velocity radial velocity profiles. But in the last case the profiles are calculated for a propeller with no incidence which gives me an axisymmetric distribution of the radial profiles. For now i have not used a UDF to impose this profiles im just calculating the profiles in MATLAB and obtained the polynomial constants.
The problem is that in reality the distribution of the DP and the induce velocities is not axisymmetric , So i would like to know if anyone have an idea of how to impose this non axisymmetric profiles in the Fan condition, I know that the Fan volume could be an option but my current mesh use a surface Fan and i would prefer not to change it for now.
I appreciated your opinions and your help.

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