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Marbau February 4, 2013 09:12

2D eulerian multiphase
I try to simulate the injection of small water particles (diameter 5e-06 m), into a closed chamber. For that I use the eulerian-multiphase dense discrete phase model, with air as the eulerian phase.

Just to see how it works I tried to set up a 2D simulation (with gravity).
Update DPM Sources Every Flow iteration is enabled, injection type is surface.

But using my configuration it doesn't work. It looks like the particles get stuck directly at the injection, so nothing really flows. Reversing the direction of the injection-velocity had no effect. The boundary condition at the inlet is wall (I adopted this from a similar simulation. There it worked.)

1. Any idea what I do wrong?
2. I am not sure about boundary conditions for DPM. Which one should I choose? The descriptions in the manual are a bit confusing, at least for me.

Would be great if someone can help.

msaeedsadeghi February 5, 2013 01:30

Is it needed to use discrete-phase model?
Why don't you use multiphase model?

Marbau February 6, 2013 06:49

We are interested in the particle deposition at the bottom of the chamber, so we started using this model. Do you think it is a problem of the DPM?

Well, I calculated the stopping length of my particles and it seems to fit to the calculated particle trajectory. But this is quite confusing, because I had a similar problem where it worked, under the same circumstances (aerosol in air, normal pressure).

msaeedsadeghi February 8, 2013 10:04

It is correct if you have used dense discrete phase model.
It is so simple. I think you made a mistake in boundary conditions. Would please send me your case file to check?

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