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SydBarrett11 February 8, 2013 18:41

Wind tunnel corner vanes, loss coefficient
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Hi guys,
sorry for quite a silly and long question.

Recently, I have solved an 90 elbow, with corner vanes in it, and I would like to get a loss coefficient of that elbow.
inlet: velociy inlet, outlet: outflow, walls: with roughness specified

Loss coeficient is defined as K=(p_in-p_out)/dynamic_presure

How do I get the pressure drop? So should I substract outlet pressure value from inlet pressure value? Static or total? Is that so simple?

static pressure in= -23Pa
total pressure in = 792Pa
static pressure out = -149Pa
total pressure out = 667Pa

Pressure drop in both cases (static and total) 126Pa??? Is that right? (are these values the same, only because the velocity throught vanes almost didn't change?)

A what about operating pressure? Is it important when counting pressure drop? I set operation pressure 101325Pa a placed its coordinates out of geometry, but when I change the coordinates, pressure values changes but the difference remains the same.


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