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banjo February 10, 2013 15:59

Changing the Motion Attribute of a Dynamic Zone

I am running a 2d simulation of a piston in a cylinder and I'm using fluent's in cylinder motion options and a dynamic mesh.

My problem is that I want to bring my piston to top dead centre and stop it there while my simulation runs for a time afterwards.

I think I should be able to do this using a dynamic mesh event. I've looked at the "Changing the Motion Attribute of a Dynamic Zone" option for dynamic mesh event but so far i have been unable to get it to work for me.

When I open the define event dialog box and select "change motion attribute" I am then only giving options to enable or disable sliding or remeshing, neither of which I am using in my analysis.

When I look at the user guide it seems to suggest that i should have a third option to enable or disable "moving" which sounds more like what I am looking for.

Does anyone know a reason why I might be missing the moving option (am I missing somthing?) or can suggest a way I can stop my piston at TDC.

This realy should be a simple issue so I am missing something here.

Please any help is appreciated.

banjo February 11, 2013 14:22

Am I looking at this problem the wrong way?

Should I instead be looking at using the piston stroke cutoff option?

Or does anyone else know a better way to solve my problem. Like I said it should be simple.

banjo February 17, 2013 15:52

Sorry to bump this guys, but I really need help with this please!!!!

All i need basically is to stop my piston at top dead centre and have it stay there while my simulation runs for a number more time steps. Is there some way I can freeze it there or is there something else I need to look into?

If anyone has half a idea of what approach I should take, please, please let me know!!

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