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newminde February 15, 2013 03:06

Some help with turbulent
I'm modeling 2D transient turbulent flow around cylinder. Re 10000.
I have rectangular duct internal flow around cylinder.
Model k-omega SST, low Re corection on. (Not sure is it good).
Boundary conditions: Inlet - velocity inlet velcoty 14.6073 m/s (Air). Turbulent instensity 0.5% and hydraulic diameter 0.57142 Dh=2a*b/a+b, (a=0.4, in this case reference length is b), outlet outflow.

Reference area - 0.01, because reference length 1m and cylinder diameter 0.01.
Solution methods: scheme simplec, spatial discretization all second order.
time step 0.01.

theoretical Cd around 1.1 I got 1.3-1.4.
It would be grateful to communicate with people who have already done this simulation.
Some advices??

newminde February 19, 2013 03:47

Any suggestions?

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