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Jeronimo97 February 15, 2013 15:27

Heating value of fuel in non-premixed model?
Hi there. I'm simulating combustion of natural gas in a furnace using the non-premixed combustion model. The supposed lower heating value of natural gas is about 46 MJ/kg, but when I see the repport of the simulation of the "Fluxes", and if I calculate manually the heating value, based on the input energy flux through entrance divided by its mass flow rate, I get a heating value of only 4,7 MJ/kg, it's 10 times lower than what I was expecting.
I've tried to see the summary report, to see proprierties of materials and species of the PDF mixture, but it doesn't mention the heating value of nothing.
How can I see and impose the lower heating value of my mixture, without using the "Empirical fuel stream"?
Thanks in advice.

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