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harkerz February 17, 2013 03:07

How to Modelling Cooling Tower using Porous Media
Hi everybody, I'm the last semester student of Mechanical Engineering Department. Now, I'm trying to modelling cooling tower using porous media.
The problem is I don;t know how to create mesh in gambit to generate the model before I run it by fluent.
For the information, I was modelling my cooling tower without packing, so it just only two contact fluids, saturated water and air.

Anybody can help my problem?

Thank you so much

Far February 17, 2013 05:16

Do you have idea about your domain and where you want to put mesh and where you want to apply modelling.

myworkcfd June 6, 2017 08:31

Iam trying to simulate the heat transfer through porous medium.
Air enters and leaves the porous medium(porous medium-bottom wall is hot).

I have created the model in GAMBIT.I have taken a big domain, have split it in to 3 regions,named the middle region as porous , while left and right of porous are fluids.
If I specify the both the interfaces (left and right of porous medium)as wall in GAMBIT , 2 walls and corresponding wall shadows are formed in fluent. I have specified the fluid as air.Specified the porous medium parameters also.The case is not converging in FLUENT.

If I do not specify the interface in GAMBIT, the case converges.

Which method is correct?

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