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S1m0n1 February 19, 2013 13:38

Plotting velocity at specific point
Hi. I'm trying to plot the velocity at a specific point in a 3D room, i.e. (x,y,z)=(1,2,1). I'm trying to do this so I can determine when the problem becomes mesh independent. Thanks.

delaneyluke February 19, 2013 16:22

You will have to create a point at the location, and then create a monitor at that point and assign the velocity to that monitor.
You can then choose to only print the monitor info or print and write.


shk12345 February 20, 2013 09:58

Luke is absolutely right.

Tyr it in that way.
It will work.


S1m0n1 February 20, 2013 18:57

Thanks to both of you for replying.

I'm not sure what you mean by "create a point." Do I have to go back into DesignModeler to create it or can I do that in Fluent?

S1m0n1 February 20, 2013 19:06

Ok, I figured out how to do the monitor but I can only do it for the whole volume. Can you help me with creating a point to monitor?

S1m0n1 February 21, 2013 14:35

Ok, so I created two points in my volume. One I put in the middle and one I put in front of the inlet so that I could see if it was actually working. Both I have set to Flow rate, velocity, velocity magnitude. I've done a number of iterations and they both show no mass flow.

What I'm trying to do is see the velocity through a point in the to see when the solution has converged. Can someone help me out?

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