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yahya February 21, 2013 21:47

problem with bodies transferred from the mesher
I built a huge model using designmodeler that consist of more than 300 bodies, and then I did my mesh using meshing application available in ANSYS 14, in addition, I have created a named selection for several faces and bodies.
However, when i transfer it to fluent all the bodies is transferred by itself, i.e. like if I have 250 bodies as interior each one is transferred by itself and i need to specify it as interior 250 time in the boundary conditions box in fluent, in addition, for the named selections if I selected 10 faces as walls, when I transfer it to fluent each one is transferred by itself as wall (not all as package).
So in summary, i need when I transfer the model to be transferred as one package for interior and one package for each named selection, because this problem take long time to upload the geometry.

best regards,

chaosh February 27, 2013 14:35

Did you combine all these bodies into one 'part' in Design Modeler before meshing? If not, you should - unless you plan to have a sliding interface type situation.

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