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Shayan February 22, 2013 14:31

micropolar fluids in flunet
Hi everybody,

I'm somehow curious about the capabilities of Fluent in simulation of non-Newtonian fluids e.g "Micropolar fluid".
I know superficially about another theory for medeling microflows, while Navier-Stokes is not applicable here,Micropolar Fluid Theory, as an extension of N-E is used to solve the problems associated with fluids with complex molecules.
In brief words, It has additional equations of "Microrotation" (gyration vector) terms. This equation is coupled with momentum equation. As we know, Fluent solves classical Navier-Stokes equations. There are solutions for Micropolar flow in different conditions, but, none of them are done in Fluent.
Does anyone have an idea for modeling micropolar fluids in Fluent?
Using UDS is logic or practical?

hunter00001 March 6, 2014 17:33

can you give me the equation that models micropolar fluid and i try to help you

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