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Enekostoner February 24, 2013 14:16

2D Naca validation
Hi everybody, im student of Aeromec and i am trying to get Cl and CD of Naca4412 on 2D, and i need to validate my results.

My datas are:

The aerofoil was create in Gambit
Chord length 1m
Cross section area 0.127876m^2
Viscous model k-epsilon
Re number 6*10^6 (so the velocity inlet to compute from is 87.644m/s??)
On Reference values:
Area: is the cross section area?
Depth: the same as area?

For example, I know that for Re 6*10^6 and 0 AOA the value of Lift is 0.4 but i dont get that one.

Could anyone help me please if i am doing correctly??, im quite new using this software.

diamondx February 24, 2013 23:04

what inlet condition did you use (velocity inlet, far field)
Have you done the tutorial of fluent about the wing ni 2D ?? if not, it will a lot ...

Enekostoner February 25, 2013 07:57

Yes, I use velocity inlet as inlet condition. The data's that I put are ok?? (like vel.inlet, area, depth)??

Yes I tried with the tutorial but is inviscid on viscous model.


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