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nadjibe February 24, 2013 17:13

solid rocket combustion
hi every body, i want to simulate solid rocket combustion but i dnt know any thing, help me please, should work whith ansys fluent? wich model of combustion.......,mesh.... help me please

diamondx February 24, 2013 22:59

tutorial on how to mesh and how to perform simulation are included in fluent.

nadjibe February 26, 2013 01:41

combustion du propergols solide
merci ali je vais voire tutoriel, c tres gentil

nadjibe February 26, 2013 15:30

rocket combustion modeling
salut ali, pouvez vous me donner votre adresse email car j'ai quelque questions a poser sur la combustion? merci pour votre aide.

nadjibe April 29, 2013 14:51

dear ali
hi ali how r u? i want please how i can modeler the propellant combustion please:(

diamondx April 29, 2013 14:59

what's a propellant combustiion ??

nadjibe April 29, 2013 15:26

hi ali
the rocket solid propellant ammonum perchlorat with binder HTPB OR PVC OR PMMA, and miniral ingrediants. first what is the model in ansys must be used? what about the pyrolisis model solid gaz?, boundry conditions? turbulence...

A CFD free user April 29, 2013 15:33

I can tell you that it's a very big headache. That's it.

nadjibe April 29, 2013 15:44

thank's for all

diamondx April 29, 2013 15:45

i've never done solid combustion. not sure i can help you with it. use the search option in the forum

Far April 29, 2013 17:03

I have worked on solid rocket propulsion using Fluent when I was co-supervising MS project.

There are many problems that need to be addressed:

1. There is no inlet

2. solid particle get eroded due to combustion and depleted at different rates from different surfaces of fuel and that must be included in simulation

3.The first change to liquid and ultimately to gaseous phase. So all these phases must be modeled. How? I don't know.

4. The combustion models in Fluent assumes fuel to be gas or in liquid phase and no option for solid.

In short you may be required to implement your own model in Fluent, which somebody added for their research at some US lab, but it is not available in open literature.

nadjibe May 2, 2013 13:38

thank you ( no inlet????)

Far May 2, 2013 15:10


Originally Posted by nadjibe (Post 424763)
thank you ( no inlet????)

Well we thought that once combustion is started (no fuel is injected, every thing is inside) , so there is no inlet. What do you think?

nadjibe May 3, 2013 02:52

hi ahmed
i m agree whith u but the problem in balance equations how can i do?

kookguy March 3, 2014 08:23

I guess, if you are just modelling thrust and instability, knowing an approximate regression rate, you might be able to simulate the solid propellant using the product of combustion in the liquid/gaseous form. (Or premix air/fuel and inject radially along the propellant surface).

My question is how would you specify the fuel species in fluent. I am really new to this program.

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