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sihaqqi February 27, 2013 11:04

Fluent Queries
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I am a beginner level user of Ansys Fluent. I have some queries if y ou can perhaps answer.

My geometry is two pipes connected by a 90 degree joint. In cell zone conditions, should I use any values in Rotation Axis-Origin and Rotation-Axis direction, I think all these should be 0. If I have to put in any value (I practiced an elbow fluent tutorial and there, value of 1 is used in Rotation axis direction, please see attached file 1).

I have to model it first as incompressible flow. In fluent, I am using k-epsilon model. How do I specify that flow is incompressible. By turning energy equation off or is there some other way?

Where do I get values for requirements like pressure, body forces, momentum, turbulent kinetic energy in file 4. All these are coming by default. I only have velocity ranging from Mach 0.2 to 0.5 and medium is air. I do not have pressure need.

How should I determine if I have to use Hybrid or standard initializations.

Also I need to have results of the patterns as described below. These results are in an experimental PhD thesis and my supervisor has advised that I should try to see which model is suitable enough to give me these results and then I can focus on my geometry which is a tee junction. If model passes for elbow, it may be good for tee junction also.

Universal velocity profiles i.e., U/Uo (y-axis) and range from inner wall to outer wall (x-axis)
time history of velocity variation at different distances (in 5mm Hg/division possibly) in plane of the bend and plane perpendicular to the bend
Axial and circumferential static pressures against Cp
Spectral density of wall pressure field W(omega)ai/U0a against phi
Non dimensional pipe wall acceleration

I shall be extremely grateful for all the cooperation you people can give.

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