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milasko March 1, 2013 13:35

Turbine and Dynamic mesh
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I am working on piston turbine (2D) which is similar to gear pump. The gears are replaced by two pistons which rotates in opposite directions at 500 rpm.

I need to obtain flow field inside turbine. Because the region around pistons is deforming I used dynamic mesh for deforming surface. I wrote UDF for rotation moving of pistons. For deforming region I generated mesh using triangles which have size of 1 mm. The inlet pipe and outlet pipe are meshed using quads, size 5 mm. When I start to preview mesh motion after about 8 time steps I have skewness above 0.9. My step size is 1e-5. I have setup smooting and remeshing options and used default values.

I have attached some pictures.

Can anyone help me.


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