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sihaqqi March 1, 2013 23:45

Dividing one interior in two
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Dear All

I have these two pipes connected at 90 degrees with a mitre joint. I have defined 4 regions in meshing, inlet, outlet, upstream (vertical run) and downstream ( horizontal +X) as shown in attached file. When I open Meshed file in Fluent, an interior zone is generated for the complete geometry. I want this interior to be divided in two, one for vertical and other for horizontal so I can monitor velocity and pressure profiles separately for both runs. Can anyone advise how I can make this division.

chaosh March 4, 2013 18:43

The easiest way is to create two zones in your solid model before you mesh and export. (if you are using Workbench for this, just cut your model where you want and when you mesh and export, set a named selection for each zone). Remember to combine your solids into one 'Part' before meshing.

You can do this in Fluent as well, but you will have to go to Mesh>Separate..I suggest going through Fluent tutorials on how to merge/separate bodies. It should be in "Modifying the mesh" section.

Good luck

diamondx March 4, 2013 19:38

in icem you have one all your block called fluid.
if you go back to icem, name the vertical block vetical and horizontal horizontale, you will have your two interior. it's always better to think about that when meshing.

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