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jipaz March 5, 2013 15:31

Fluent results at specific point
Hi all, I'm doing an FCC riser gas-solids flow simulation using Ansys Fluent 12, and I need to get results at specific height of 3.9 m from the riser bottom. Somebody knows how to define this task at Fluent? Any help is very welcome.

chaosh March 5, 2013 15:50

I am assuming you want area averaged data at some given point. You need to create a surface at that elevation. Basically, if you know the coordinates, you need to create a 'bounded' plane. Look at fluent tutorials for creating planes. You will work from the 'surface' option in the top toolbar.

An easier way to do this is to use the 'sweep surface' option when you are in the graphics and animations menu. Basically after your solution is initialized/complete you need to display the mesh and then use the sweep surface slider in the direction you want to sweep until you get where you want to be.

For example, if your location is in the z direction you need to set x=0, y=0 and z=1, hit compute, and then use the slider. You can create a face this way if your geometry allows it.

If you want one POINT..after the above step you can click on that face, and create a point from the surface menu.

Good luck

jipaz March 5, 2013 16:09

Thanks Chaosh, but I forgot say that I'm working with a 2D simulation, and I suppose you are talking about a 3D simulation, could you tell me how to do the same in 2D?

chaosh March 5, 2013 17:44

2-D is very straightforward - you need to create a line instead of a face. Go to the 'surface' menu and choose line. You just need to display the mesh and pick the location you need (Fluent tutorials would help a lot), create a line.

To locate where your point should be you can right click on the mesh till you get close to where you want. Go to "Display > mouse buttons>" and change from short description to long description in the drop down menu. Now when you right click on the mesh your coordinates will be displayed in SI units.

Another way is to plot contours of your mesh (Contours - mesh - x coordinate, and then y coordinate) to figure out an approximate place you can click with your mouse.

Also, in case you didn't know this, you will need to go to results>reports and then pick 'area weighted average' or whatever else you want of the quantity in question, and compute. This will display the value of the quantity on your screen.

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