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Alimohamadi_nasr March 8, 2013 06:27

Define_dpm_erosion & difine_grid_motion
Hi Dear all;

I use DEFINE_DPM_EROSION and I need to reset F_STORAGE_R(f,t,SV_DPMS_ACCRETION) += mdot/area; after some specific time step.

As you know, if I do this inside the "DEFINE_DPM_EROSION", i will loose one time step data.

is it possible to reset it, outside of the "DEFINE_DPM_EROSION" from another macro or not?

I should bring the data in each specific time step to DIFINE_GRID_MOTION and then substitute previous data with new one.


Alimohamadi_nasr March 10, 2013 06:37

before this, I tried to reset "F_STORAGE_R(f,t,SV_DPMS_ACCRETION)" at DEFINE_DPM_EROSION, but after some studying I found that it is impoosible, or in this way it causes that I loose one time step data. However, after resetting this array at DEFINE_GRID_MOTION my problem have been solved.

msaeedsadeghi March 10, 2013 12:24

What is the problem my friend? :)

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