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mcermak March 8, 2013 07:42

Flow through a perforated drum
I'm trying to figure out the way how to model a flow through a perforated rotating drum in the simplest way. The image below should clarify the situation I am talking about.
The main domain of interest of the simulation i'm trying to do lies upstream from the inlet marked in the figure above, but because the drum rotation influences the flow quite significantly i might have to include the drum in the simulation.

The diameter of the drum is approx 0.9m, the length is 0.8m and it is perforated by 6mm holes. Meshing the drum would mean quite a lot of cells, so I was thinking about some alternative approach, that does not necessarily have to be 100% accurate. The outcome of this should be only a qualitative assessment of how the rotating perforated drum influences the channel flow.

My first idea was to use a rotating porous media zone concept, but I haven't reached any promising approach. Is there, in general, any way how to model a permeable rotating wall/zone or is this thought absolutely non reasonable?
Any suggestions are welcomed!

Thanks in advance,

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