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jenjon March 10, 2013 07:58

Discrete event simulation vs. fixed time (discrete time simulation)

I am writing a school report about discrete event simulation and discrete time simulation (fixed time, fixed time-step etc.)

My overall problem is to analyze the same situation with these simulation models. Will the overall results be the same, if i simulate a discrete event and a discrete time with the same probabilities, and same let's say customers?

I've tried to simulate a discrete event simulation, but i can't figure out, how i can rewrite this into a discrete time simulation.

My set up with discrete event is:

Customer - Rand - Time between arrival - Arrival time - Start service - Rand - Service time - End Service - Wait time - Queue lenght

Where i generate the mean of waiting time and queue length for 150 customers, and afterwards use a datatable in excel and simulate it 200 times.

Does anyone know, how i can set up a discrete time simulation in excel, so i can figure if i can get the same results in the end?

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