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banjo March 12, 2013 14:53

Problem with moving model
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Hi all. I posted here before looking for a solution but got no replies so I am trying again.

Anyway my problem is that I am running a 2d model of a piston using the in cylinder parameters and I want to stop it at top dead centre and make it not retract. I'm using Fluent v14

I know now that the way to do this is to set a dynamic mesh event to stop the motion of the piston at the required time.

However the change motion attribute panel does not give me the option of doing so for some reason. It will let me change the remeshing and slide attributes but will not let me change the moving attribute. I attached a screenshot to show what I mean.

The moving attribute should be there to be changed as I see it in the ansys literature: See here (Scroll down to "Changing the Motion Attribute of a Dynamic Zone")

It seems to me that ansys does not recognise that there are moving walls in my model

The interesting thing is that the model was originally built in v12 the model worked perfectly but when i brought it to v14 (my university no longer has a licence for v12) it no longer works.

Please if anyone can help, please do!!!!!! If you feel i need to give more information that you can help please ask!!!!

Thank you

My previous thread with no reply:

granbycools June 20, 2013 05:02

sorry I canīt help you, but maybe itīs the other way round.
What do I need to do to define a mesh(here the wall of my valve) within in the mesher so I can select it as dynamic mesh zones in fluent? I donīt get it..

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