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Sahar FaPerhu March 14, 2013 17:32

circular cross section in CFD post processing, Fluent
Hi everybody!

I need to define a circular cross section to the same size of the fan of the impeller located inside a vessel. I need to define this cirsular plane to get the mass flux passing through the fan of the impeller. I know that Fluent has an option for defining iso-surfaces and rectangular planes. But that probably won't help me out because I need a circular plane of the size of my impeller fan to get the real mass flux passing through it.
I really appreciate it if anybody has any experiance to measure the mass flux passing through a fan to share with me.
Thank you so much

blackmask March 15, 2013 09:20

first create a plane, then apply iso-clip on the plane to get desired shape

A CFD free user March 15, 2013 15:37

Well, it's easy kind of work. If you want to create a cylindrical surface around your impeller (I suppose you modeling a stirred tank), you only need an iso-surface of constant radial and then clip it to axial extent of your impeller, similarly if you like to create a disk below your impeller, then you need an iso-surface of axial and then clip it radially. Hope it help.

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