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crispysalt March 15, 2013 08:36

finding total mass of a phase
I simulate two phases in a reactor, is it correct that i go [ reports--Volume integrals--Mass integral --phase--volume fraction--the phase i want ] to find if the total amount of solid is conserve during the simulation?

Or is there any other method to find if any solid was lost during the simulation? I am using a eulerian-eulerian model.

Is it possible that solid leave by the inlet in cases where velocity is too small?


oj.bulmer March 15, 2013 11:31

If your whole intention is to judge the convergence of masses of the phases, you can always plot graphs of mass imbalance for both and monitor them as your solution proceeds. If you observe the values after convergence are really small (1e-6 etc), it is an indication that mass has conserved.


crispysalt March 15, 2013 20:08

Thanks for your reply.
Is it from the flux report?
I got a value of 0... does this means no solid leave and enter the volume?

But my solid seems to decrease in the volume by observing the total volume fraction, why is it so?

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