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OMJT March 15, 2013 12:22

Curvature Correction
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows the details of or where I can find the details of Curvature Correction for the K-w SST turbulence model.

I have looked through the help guide for Fluent v14 which I am using but can't find anything about it.

The maths of how it is done would be very useful too.

Thanks in advance,


OMJT March 18, 2013 12:12

Anybody at all?

oj.bulmer March 18, 2013 12:52

Tried these?

P. R. Spalart and M. L. Shur. "On the Sensitization of Turbulence Models to Rotation and Curvature". Aerospace Sci. Tech.. 1(5). 297–302. 1997.

M. L. Shur, M. K. Strelets, A. K. Travin and P. R. Spalart. "Turbulence Modeling in Rotating and Curved Channels: Assessing the Spalart-Shur Correction". AIAA Journal. 38(5). 2000. 2000.

P. E. Smirnov and F. R. Menter. "Sensitization of the SST Turbulence Model to Rotation and Curvature by Applying the Spalart-Shur Correction Term". ASME Paper GT 2008-50480. Berlin, Germany2008.

The implementation of curvature correction in 2-equation models seems to be inspired from the these papers.

I also found reference to curvature correction in ANSYS Help:
// Theory Guide :: 0 // 4. Turbulence // 4.14. Curvature Correction for the Spalart-Allmaras and Two-Equation Models


OMJT March 18, 2013 14:04

Thanks for your help OJ. I saw the curvature correction for the Spartan-Allmaras. I didn't see anything on the Two-Equation Models. I will go back and have another look!

Thanks for the text book references. That's perfect.


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