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Overdosed March 16, 2013 18:00

Impinging Air Jet Cooling on Flat Plate(Please Help) :(
Hi everyone;

I'm doing a project which involved jet impingement on a flat surface for cooling

I'm using Ansys Fluent 13.

My Reynold number is about 46000

(8 mm nozzle diameter and 54 m/s jet velocity)

H/D =4

I'm using K-w SST or K-epsilon turbulance model.

Plate thickness is 4 mm

i used coarse meshing to be sure that im at the right way(after that i'm going to make fine meshing) but i can't see the temperature distrubution right to go on.After 45 seconds with transient process the centre of plate's temperature is high and the corners are lower. But the velocity vectors seem fine.

Please help me . This situation has driven me crazy for about one week.

(i only want to investigate heat transfer from plate. So do i have to model nozzle? is it necessary? )

amr002eg June 8, 2013 18:59

how did you calculate the Re No.?
can you send me a screen shot for the velocity contours over the plate.

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