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recepky March 17, 2013 09:21

Porous jump problem (Really bad problem)
I have a very bad problem, I have 1 inlet, 1 outlet, 1 porous jump(membrane), and one outlet after porous jump that is permeate out.

Inlet velocity: 0.65m/sec (actually 300L/hr flowrate converted to velocity inlet divided by surface area of the inlet pipe) Pressure Gauge: 150000 Pa = 1.5 Bar

Pressure outlet - 1: 150000 Pa

Pressure outlet - 2 (just after porous jump): 0 Pa

Face Permeability: 1.18e-16 m2

Thickness: 0.0002 m

C2:0 (I dont exactly know inertial loss is necessary or not, because flow through 0.0002m thin membrane how can I measure this coeff.)

Solution does not converging with these values, if I change the Face Perm. to 1.18e-12, then problem converges, why?

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