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yahya March 20, 2013 17:37

DPM and particle tracking
I'm simulating the performance of a separator (separation efficiency)..For simplification I modeled a small separator with one inlet (with inlet velocity BC) and one outlet (with outlet pressure BC). I want to eject particles from a surface (inlet surface) and see how many particles reach the outlet and how many particles settle down to the bottom of the separator.
Therefore, what I did is that I specified the bottom of the separator as "escape" surface wall and I specified a escape DPM BC for the pressure outlet. By default the fluent specified the DPM BC for the velocity inlet as escape surface also (I want to know if this is correct or I need to change it to something else?)
The simulation is performed for 3 phases, gas (primary) and two secondary phases (oil and water)
I specified the particles type as inert for both (oil and water), oil has diameter distribution of Roser-Rameler with 7 diameters groups, while the oil was specified as uniform distribution.
My main question is How I can know the number of particles (or mass flow rates) that have been reached to the pressure outlet and to the bottom of the separator, and of which sizes?
This information will be used to determine the separation efficiency of the separator.
note that I used unsteady simulation

best regards,

yahya March 21, 2013 03:45

any help??????

Yanlong Li March 23, 2013 06:51

1. usually, I set the inlet as reflect or set the inlet as a wll type and reflect as well.

2. set the pressure outlet and bottom as "trap", I think the wall will recored the particles pass this wall. or another wall, use UDF to recored it.

hope this can help

yahya March 24, 2013 12:31

Thank you for your reply
but I want to make sure about the inlet velocity DPM boundary conditions
because I saw in one the tutorials that they used escape as DPM boundary conditions
Can anyone assure to me this issue?

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