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RealENG22 March 25, 2013 14:49

Literature to validate Flow over Cylinder

Does anyone have anyone have any good sources/links to literature (preferably numerical/experiemental) which I could compare by creating my own CFD in Ansys Fluent. I found one from WASET but I am worried that their own results aren't actually validated either.

I want to focus on a simple problem i.e. pressure distribution/drag coefficients



Far March 26, 2013 02:18

What is the Reynolds number of flow?

oj.bulmer March 26, 2013 07:17

I would start looking into journals like sciencedirect/springerlink etc You are likely to find some good papers there.


RealENG22 March 26, 2013 19:22

In terms of the Reynolds Number. I haven't set a specific number, I am open to running the solution for a number of different Re/velocities to allow a comparison between them as well as against experimental data...

RealENG22 March 26, 2013 19:24

Thanks OJ,

I have got 1 from sciencedirect for my lit review. I found it last night and it may be that one which I replicate in my CFD as there is plenty of detail regarding the setup.

Far March 26, 2013 19:32

As a beginning, I would suggest Re= 100 and 200. You will find a lot of literature and you can record a very nice flow picture (vortex shedding) from your simulation. Behind certain Re, flow will be 3d and turbulent. Also you may encounter transitional flow which is very much difficult to model.

PS: High quality hexa mesh for cylinder of dia = 1 m (or 2m) is attached on one of the threads in Ansys meshing forum.

RealENG22 March 26, 2013 19:40

Thanks Far,

I will work on my mesh a little more tomorrow and I will have a look at the Hexa mesh too.

I currently have a quad mesh.

You don't happen to know where I can find how to see the vortex shedding? I know how to view pressure/temp contours etc.

And this may sound silly but from my fluid mechanics studying I learnt that Re below 2500-3000 is laminar. So is vortex shedding present in laminar and turbulent flows?


Far March 26, 2013 19:43

You will find good info and mesh here:

That range of Re is for pipe flow. For external flow range is different.

RealENG22 March 26, 2013 19:52

Ohhhh that makes sense now! Is there still a rule which can be applied to external flow?

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