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DoubleG March 26, 2013 11:33

Species transport without momentum equations
Hi all,

I have a vessel and want to simulate mixing in this model. I am using MRF approach for rotating equipment. I first solve for a steady-state solution and after that I introduce a tracer and monitor the concentration at certain probes and the overall homogenization index.

This is working fine and I find my results which match pretty well with experiments. The problem though is that it is really slow. The reason is that I need to solve my flowfield for every iteration, while this is actually not necessary. The flow field is converged and steady and so will not change in time, I just need to solve transport equations for my tracer using the existing flow field.

Is this possible in Ansys FLUENT? In literature I find some cases where it is claimed to be done this way, but I cannot find it.

Thanks in advance,
Gerrald Gelderblom

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