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daysley March 27, 2013 09:19

2D vawt simulation meshing and fluent error
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i've been carrying out simulations on a 2d darrieus vawt, some of which have been successful. recently i've been trying to recreate the problem at home but i am faced with different errors or results. for example i have defined and meshed the rectangular domain containing a circular domain containing the turbine rotates. after naming selections of the geometry i start fluent and try to configure a sliding mesh interface. however fluent changes what surfaces and zones appear (sometimes i have two surface zones for the rectangle and circle other times i just get surface_body). Then when trying to create the interface between the edge of the circular domain the circle area i am told it cant intersect the threads and there is a non-conformal interface error? I cant understand what i am doing wrong as i have had the simulation running previously with the same conditions and interfaces. any help would be great, feel free to ask for any more information as i'm not sure what to include.

thanks in advance

oj.bulmer March 27, 2013 11:08

A silly suggestion, try changing the word "surface" in your boundary conditions to something like "surf". I have faced problems in Fluent when I used names like "fluid_interface" , "inlet_pressure_plane" etc. FLUENT grabs those words and assigns the relevant boundary conditions, though you don't want it to. May or may not work though.


daysley March 27, 2013 11:49

no everything is a big help so ill give that try and see how i get on thanks!

oj.bulmer April 4, 2013 10:07

daysley, I am just curious, was the use of word "surface" a problem? Could you solve it?


daysley April 4, 2013 17:43

OJ, it did work yes thanks for the help. As soon as I renamed them without including "surface zone", fluent identified them as different surface zones and allowed the interface to work correctly :)

shafqat April 15, 2014 19:51

hi dasley,whenever i go to setup and go to boundary condition then there is no option of circle surface for sliding meshing?and when i try using wall surface body as a interface instead of circle surface then there comes a error there is no periodic zones touching the interface?whats the problem?at which part i m doing wrong?thank in advance?and one more thing when i saw your above images then why in your geometery line bodies are still present?i mean should not be they subtracted?and surface body should be three one for rectangle and two for circles?

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