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kurt2591 April 1, 2013 05:37

Fatal Error when saving project
Dear all,

I've been using the parameters scheme to solve and obtain the lift and drag coefficients for my aerofoil at varying angles of attack (i set the x- and y- velocity directions as input parameters). First I performed the entire process (setup, solution, post-processing) for my first angle (0 degrees) and then I created a couple of design points and changed the angle of attack to see what coefficients I would get as an output, to match with my experimental data to see if I constructed my setup well. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I update all the design points, I get an error at the end saying:

"Fatal Error when saving project: Access to path [address of working folder\dp2] is denied"

The odd thing is that I can see the outputs for the lift and drag coefficients for these design points and in my working folder there are the folders for the files of these design points, but the actual .wbpj files for the design points are missing. So I cannot inspect these design points even though they are solved (I need to examine them in CFD-post to determine the separation points).

Another problem I'm experiencing is that my lift coefficients seem to be doubling for a 1 degree change in angle of attack, whilst my drag coefficient is only changing slightly - though it is still a factor of 10 larger than my experimental results.

Can anyone help me with my problems? I tried searching on the fatal error message but didn't come across any related posts.

Thanks in advance!


jbor0081 January 3, 2014 05:22

Having the same problem
Had you found a solution to this?

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