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Gowrav April 3, 2013 13:37

Evaluating Temperature at Pressure Outlet
I am doing transient analysis of axial flow turbine as a part of my masters project.
My BC's Pressure Inlet, Pressure Outlet with pressure ratio 3.
By turning Energy eqn on i have defined inlet fluid temperature in my case its 920k.. Since outlet temp i dont know, i thought software will calculate it from input. But its taking some default value (300k) as outlet. and temp distribution from 920 to 300.. actually that much of drop is not possible..
How to solve this.. i want outlet temp of fluid..
Shall i need to take massflow from this(press in/press out )as inlet Bcs and outflow BCs at outlet.
kindly share your views
Thanks in Advance

fredom April 9, 2013 08:07


I think that you should enlarge the lenth of your model (outlet much far from the inlet) in order to see the exchange of heat.


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